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Visconti Diamond Jubilee

The Italian company introduces a new limited edition fountain pen, the Diamond Jubilee.

Visconti Diamond jubilee

Visconti has been selected as official partner to celebrate at the same time both the HM Queen Elizabeth II 60° Anniversary Diamond Jubilee and the 175° Anniversary of the Army & Navy Club.

Army & Navy club is the most prestigious, ancient and exclusive club in London founded in 1837 by Lieutenant General Sir Edward Barnes.

The club has its headquarters in London, Washington DC and New York.

Visconti Diamond jubilee

To celebrate this event two versions of this limited edition have been produced, one in royal purple and one in imperial ruby, of which 600 units have been made, decorated with a reproduction of the royal crown.

Visconti Diamond jubilee

The nib in both cases is made in 23 karat palladium, although the ruby edition has a two-tone finish.  Theoretically this metal provides 30% more flexibility compared to an 18 karat solid gold nib.

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