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Sheaffer Balance Lifetime Oversized Brown Striated

Today, we will show you an american Sheaffer pen, called Balance Lifetime Oversized Brown Striated.

In 1929, most of the pen design was flat top type, and even Sheaffer had the LifeTime Flat Top as one of his stars. But due to the patent from Craig R. Sheaffer from that year…

…the “Torpedo” type would be a short of revolution in fountain pen world, not only for Sheaffer, but also for most of their competitors. Torpedo pens were lighter and quite handy.

Our guest from today has a very beautiful Brown Striated colour, a very common colur for this model. What is really rare is to find it in such a perfect condition as this one. Size is 142 mm, and weight of 16,3 gr. The barrel colour allows to see the ink quantity in the inside.

This Balance model can be found in Jet Black, Jade Green, Pearl and Black, Marine Green, Red Veined, Grey Pearl, Blue & Black, Grey Pearl, Ebonized Pearl, Brown Striated, Grey Pearl Striated, Rose Glow Striated, Marine Green Striated and Carmine Striated.

Filling system is Vacuum Fill (Plunger) a system created by Sheaffer for models Wasp in 1934, later used for the Balance models.

Nib is solid 14 carat gold and two tone, it is rigid and with a medium point, which is also rare, being fine point the most usual in this model.

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