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Montblanc Agatha Christie

In our review we have a very special fountain pen from german brand Montblanc. Her name is Montblanc Agatha Christie, and was released in 1993. Quite desirable among the collectors of the star brand, since it is the second of the limited editions dedicated to writers (after the one dedicated to Hemingway in 1992), and it is the first made in honor to a female writer.

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller Christie Mallowan DBE (15th sept 1890 – 12th jan 1976), aka Agatha Christie, was a british novelist, considered Queen of the Crime. She also wrote romantic novels under the name of Mary Westmacott. She is considered the most printed writer of all times.

Christie published more than 80 novels and theatre plays, mainly the so called “closed room” type, where the murdered is one of the persons in the room. Her two most famous detectives are the belgian Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. She always took care on not hiding to the reader, the needed information  to solve the crime.

This fountain pen is made with black resin, with a total length of 142 mm capped, and a weight of 33,8 gr. Detailed are made in silver, like te ring we find in the cap, where we can read “MONTBLANC – MEISTERSTUCK – EDITION”.

The most amazing in this pen is the clip, a snake around the cap with two red pieces in her eyes. We can read the number 925 in the snake, wich is silver made. In the cap we can also read the signature of Agatha Crhsitie.

On top of the cap we can see the 6 points star over the black resin, the true sign of the german brand.

Once we remove the srew cap, we can see the “window”, where we can see the ink deposit. Filling system is with an integrated piston.

Golden nib with 18 carat and two tones has also got the impressing drawing of the snake, and the text: “MONTBLANC 750 18K 4810″.
A total of 30.000 units have been made of this special edition, and despite this large number, it is one of the most searched pens in the german brand.
From “” we here thank Paco Cruz (cruzaltpens) his help for this test.

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