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Eagle Arrow

In this review we don’t have a fountain pen, but a dip pen, in this case an Eagle Arrow.

Eagle Pencil & Col. was an third tier American company that manufactured writing instruments adapted to the increasing demand of the lower priced segment of the market, which allowed it to grow very quickly.  It was founded in New York in 1860 by Henry Berolzheimer (originally from Bavaria, Germany), and produced pencils, dip pens and erasers.

In 1890 the company introduced a fountain pen with a glass cartridge filling system, that wasn’t very successful because it was fragile and not very practical.  Nevertheless, the system was the base for future cartridge systems like the one employed by John Hancock.

Our dip pen was made at the beginning of 1890, and is 112 mm. long.  Its body is made in brass, covered in a thin enamel film.  It is quite fragile, but it has an ingenious system to protect the nib.

At the end of the barrel we find a metal button that when pressed…

… frees a latch that allows a conical piece to drop…

… which allows the whole nib group to come out, with the whole pen measuring up to 155 mm.  It weighs 11.2 grams.

Once the nib is out the conical piece anchors it, and the pen is ready to write.

In the base of the nib we can read “EAGLE PENCIL CO. ARROW PAT’D FEB.1ST 1887″.
This dip pen is a marvel, with its ingenious and simple mechanism for extending the nib and anchoring it to the holder, and it is finished exquisitely.  It is very beautiful.
From we thank our good friend Carlos Sánchez-Álamo for his help in producing this review.

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